How High’s the Water, Mama??

Posted: July 25, 2016 in World On The Edge


My husband.
Our five children.
In–not a ship–but a blue and white van.

High Tide Coming.

A beach on the coast of  Saint Augustine, Florida.


Tide comes in. We can’t move.
Funny at first. One of the children teases, “How high’s the water, Mama?”

Except, it becomes serious.

We try everything. But…the wheels keep spinning and that beautiful wet sand won’t let them go.

And then…

A man walks toward us, zigzagging down the beach. Reeking with whiskey.
“Eeeew!” say the children.

The drunk man drawls, “Let the air out of your tires.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” is the unanimous reply.
Follow this man’s advice? No way!

The drunk shrugs his shoulders. Continues his zigzag swagger down the beach.

My husband and I look at each other.
We look at the saltwater swamping the wheels. We could be shipwrecked if we don’t do something.

So, we act…

We let the air out of the tires.

And…well, if you’ve ever had this happen, you know that letting air out of the tires WORKS.

Moral of the story? It doesn’t take a perfect person to give good advice.

In fact, you’ll never get good advice from a perfect person—because there are no perfect people. All of us are broken in some way. This goes for those who would like to be our President, as well.

The flawed man in our very real story knew what was wrong and tried to fix it. If we hadn’t listened, the worst might have happened.

Every imperfect person, every American, knows his/her country, at this very moment, is walking a dangerously sharp razor blade. This is due to the failure of so-called ‘progressive’ politics, which has taken us backward, not forward. Taken us to a place of uncertain safety, of economic disaster, of squashed religious freedom, of no respect for human life. This is a place where only the self rules, where lies are accepted for those with power, but never for those without it, and where the future of our America as a whole is forgotten. What’s in it for me? is the primary concern.

Make no mistake, the dangerous and raging waters intent on destroying America as we know it, are rising higher and higher.

And we are absolutely STUCK in the sand without a leader, a leader who is unafraid, who will speak the truth regardless of political correctness. A leader who’s proven advice we can trust.

There will be no escape from the SAND if we continue with another administration exactly like today’s.

Unless we release the stale hot air that keeps us immobile, and replace it with a strong, fresh–and yes, imperfect– new voice, we will remain stuck in the sand until we drown.

So, I ask, are you ready to act?

Each of you has one vote.  Are you willing to cast it on the side of America?

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