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In Joe Biden’s America, energy prices, inflation and crime are all rising. I’m impressed. Biden has done in six months what it took Jimmy Carter four years to do. — Linda Burton, The Daily News, Galveston, Texas


  1. Promised unity but has only pushed for a partisan, progressive agenda
  2. Signed more executive orders in his first week than any past president, ignoring the role
    of the legislative branch
  3. Failed to reopen schools – 50% of schools are still not meeting fully in-person
  4. Pledged to follow the science and listen to medical experts, but is following the teachers’
    unions instead of Drs. Walensky and Fauci on reopening schools who have said there is no
    medical reason for schools to remain closed
  5. Created the Biden Border Crisis
  6. Has no plan to address the Biden Border Crisis
  7. Providing limited, censored media access to overcrowded facilities housing migrants
  8. Assigned Vice President Kamala Harris, who once compared ICE to the KKK, as border
  9. President Biden and Vice President Harris have failed to visit the southern border
  10. Proposes sending $4 billion to corrupt Northern Triangle countries to prevent illegal
  11. Ended cooperative asylum agreements
  12. Opened the door for individuals who threaten America’s national security by revoking
    President Trump’s travel restrictions
  13. Terminated the “National Emergency” at the southern border
  14. Unraveled the Migrant Protection Protocols
  15. Not fully utilizing Title 42 at the border
  16. Ceased border wall construction despite congressional appropriations
  17. Released thousands of recently apprehended illegal border crossers from custody without
    even issuing them a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court
  18. Proposed amnesty
  19. Halted deportations
  20. Allowing criminal aliens to be released into American communities
  21. Allowing federal funding to be sent to sanctuary cities
  22. Prohibiting federal immigration law enforcement officers from using correct statutory
    terms such as “alien”
  23. Scrapped fines for illegal immigrants who fail to leave the U.S.
  24. Violating CDC guidance at the border
  25. Releasing COVID-positive aliens into Texas
  26. Nominated Chris Magnus to head U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), even though
    he opposes deterrence-focused immigration policies
  27. Increasing numbers of illegal immigrants evading apprehension by Border Patrol
  28. 400% increase in migrants apprehended in March 2021 compared to March 2020
  29. 486% increase in unaccompanied alien children (UACs) arriving at the border in March
    2021 compared to March 2020
  30. 1056% increase in families arriving at the border in March 2021 compared to March 2020
  31. Over 5,000 migrants with criminal convictions apprehended by CBP in Fiscal Year 2021,
    including homicide, assault, and sexual offenses
  32. A record number of UACs in government custody
  33. Deploying federal workforce who have little to no training to care for UACs
  34. Awarded a massive, sole source contract to a nonprofit run by a former Biden-Harris
    Transition Team official to help manage the surge of UACs
  35. Opened 12 new temporary shelters to hold UACs
  36. Spending $60 million a week to house UACs
  37. Ceased conducting FBI fingerprint checks of other adult household members of sponsors
    for UACs
  38. Providing vaccines to illegal immigrants
  39. Ceased the accurate apportionment of the 2020 census to include illegal aliens
  40. Reverted back to an outdated civics test for individuals seeking citizenship
  41. Rescinded President Trump’s “public charge” rule requiring immigrants to be
    self-sufficient and not rely on public welfare programs
  42. Cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, killing thousands of good paying jobs
  43. Reentered the Paris Agreement, disadvantaging the United States and leaving Americans
    to shoulder the costs of higher energy bills, lower wages, fewer jobs, less energy
  44. Halted oil and gas leasing on federal lands
  45. Rising gas prices
  46. Added more bureaucracy to the regulatory process by requiring the head of each
    federal agency to review any regulation, policy, and guidance document issued during
    President Trump’s term that the Biden Administration deems inconsistent with their
    climate agenda
  47. Allowing California to set stricter fuel standards and dictate vehicle emissions regulations
    across the country
  48. Reversed efforts by the Trump Administration to reduce regulatory burdens that required
    two regulations to be rescinded before creating a new one
  49. Rescinded a good government executive order requiring agencies to post guidance
    online in a searchable database
  50. Rolled back the Trump Administration’s “rules on rules” at the Department of
    Transportation, reducing the information available for rulemaking, enabling the abuse of
    guidance documents, and eliminating due process in adjudications
  51. Cancelled President Trump’s plan to let more physicians prescribe an opioid-treatment
  52. Rejoined the World Health Organization without it undergoing needed reforms
  53. Appointed Xavier Becerra as HHS Secretary, despite having no health care experience,
    suing Little Sisters of the Poor, and locking down churches in California during the
  54. Appointed the former Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary, Rachel Levine, to
    a top HHS post, even though she issued an order sending COVID-positive patients to
    nursing homes
  55. Refuses to hold Governor Cuomo accountable for his deadly nursing home order and
  56. Failed to establish a national COVID-19 testing strategy
  57. Falsely claimed he had a vaccine distribution plan when he in fact relied on President
    Trump’s plan
  58. Signed an executive order mandating masks on federal property but then hours later was
    spotted without a mask on federal property
  59. Issued executive order allowing critical race theory in the federal workplace
  60. Rescinded federal workforce reforms to empower the federal bureaucracy and allow
    massive bureaucratic power to go unchecked
  61. Rescinded federal workforce reforms to reduce the time federal employees spend on
    union activities instead of their jobs
  62. Revoked President Trump’s efforts to expand access to apprenticeships across America
  63. Won’t enforce an Office of Labor-Management Standards rule that requires labor unions
    to disclose certain financial records
  64. Supports $15 minimum wage, which is estimated to kill 1.4 million jobs
  65. Signed a $2 trillion spending package into law under the guise of “COVID relief”—even
    though an estimated $1 trillion in previous spending remains unspent
  66. Spending only 5% of funding provided in the Democrats’ spending package to reopen
    schools in 2021
  67. Spending $1 billion in taxpayer dollars for a COVID-19 vaccine PR campaign after
  68. undermining its safety and efficacy during the 2020 election
  69. Bailed out locked-down, poorly managed states with $350 billion dollars with no strings
  70. attached
  71. Prevents states receiving recovery relief funds from cutting taxes for residents within their
  72. borders
  73. Provided $570 million for additional paid leave to federal employees so they can watch
  74. their kids Zoom into school
  75. Enacted the largest expansion to Obamacare since its creation in 2010
  76. Removed NLRB General Counsel and Deputy Counsel in an unprecedented move
  77. Purged the EPA’s science advisory boards of members who don’t share Democrats’
  78. radical environmental beliefs
  79. Removed a respected scientist who was overseeing the U.S. National Climate Assessment
  80. Instructed the Attorney General to make it easier for prison inmates to have materials
  81. about gaining access to the ballot box
  82. Nominated David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and
  83. Explosives, despite having a long record of seeking to limit Americans’ Second
  84. Amendment rights
  85. Pushed the Department of Justice to pursue substantial gun reforms that attack the
  86. Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens
  87. Advocated for packing the Supreme Court
  88. Advocating for changing the Senate filibuster, which he defended for years while in the
  89. U.S. Senate
  90. Supports H.R. 1 to send money to Democrat politicians
  91. Supports an unconstitutional bill to grant D.C. statehood
  92. Withdrew commonsense rules requiring U.S. universities and K-12 schools with foreign
  93. exchange programs to disclose financial ties or other connection to Chinese state-run
  94. Confucius institutes, which seeks to sway students and adults into believing CCP
  95. propaganda
  96. Proposed a rule to establish priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education
  97. programs, specifically to “projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and
  98. linguistically diverse perspectives” such as Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project
  99. Rescinded regulations put into place by former Secretary Betsy DeVos to protect college
  100. students in Title IX hearings
  101. Issued an executive order denying funding to schools unless they allow biological males in
  102. female bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams
  103. Rescinded President Trump’s order prohibiting federal funds from being spent overseas
  104. to fund abortions
  105. Rescinded President Trump’s pro-life policy of preventing federal funds from being
  106. provided to organization that make abortion referrals
  107. Froze Trump Administration rule aimed at lowering Insulin and EpiPen prices
  108. Returned the U.S. to engaging with the unreformed U.N. Human Rights Council
  109. Appointed Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.N. Ambassador, despite giving a speech at a
  110. Confucius Institute and who has since said “white supremacy is weaved into our
  111. founding documents and principles”
  112. Reconsidering lifting sanctions on Iran in order to rejoin the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal
  113. Released his Fiscal Year 2022 budget nearly 70 days after the statutory deadline
  114. Proposes to raise non-defense spending by 16% in Fiscal Year 2022, despite already signing
  115. into law a $2 trillion spending bill
  116. Proposed a 43.4% capital gains tax
  117. Proposed a tax hike, which could hit families, not just individuals, making $400,000 a year,
  118. breaking a promise to the American people
  119. Proposed a $2 trillion so-called “infrastructure” plan, and only 6% of the spending is for
  120. roads and bridges
  121. Proposes to spend $600 billion of spending on radical Green New Deal provisions in the
  122. “infrastructure” package
  123. Peddled false talking points about the Georgia voting law and encouraged the MLB to
  124. move the All-Star Game, which is hurting local Atlanta-area small businesses
  125. Supported Speaker Pelosi’s efforts to overturn the results of an Iowa congressional race
  126. despite the results being certified by bipartisan state election officials
  127. Shelved a new commission to study police reform in favor of left-wing, anti-police legislation