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Posted: June 28, 2016 in World On The Edge



We are all great complainers. We like to point fingers. We like to see something wrong in a person we disagree with, even if he/she’s trying to solve a problem that could beneficially affect us. We can’t admit that there may be a benefit to us, because we have personal agendas, too. We have a set of behaviors we don’t want anyone to fool with. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if our agenda is right or wrong. It matters only if we think it’s right or wrong. And we love to talk about it.

This is usual human behavior. But is it intelligent human behavior to only talk, point, and criticize?
Shouldn’t we do something?

And shouldn’t we, also, put study into a situation before we decide what we are going to do, or who we’re going to put our faith in?

To do something means to act on our beliefs, and that often requires blood, sweat, and tears–a lot of trouble that will cost us, and those we care about, if we’re wrong to start with. So, shouldn’t we look at past results before we decide? For example: in choosing a president?

I’m an author, but I’m also the owner of a small business. The past result of the last eight years of the present administration has been horrific for small business. Obamacare, unfair taxes, and regulations have sapped the life from American businesses. Not something I’d like to see continue.

In fact, this present administration has been on the wrong side of life in general. It’s great at talking about what’s best for America–without listening to Americans. It sits on the sidelines pumping agendas such as feminine rights while over 50 percent of aborted babies are female. It condones selling aborted body parts, and then supporting those who have profited from those heinous, barbaric, and inhuman business deals. Why would anyone want this to continue?

Why would anyone want to see our public education system to continue its steep, downward trend? Why would anyone want to see the expansion of our already tremendous national debt? Or our weak economy that has the middle sector descending lower and lower while the self-esteem of the poorest in our country is practically destroyed by having to depend on government assistance when all they want is a job? Why do we want the present establishment, hanging like ticks sucking blood from the American people, to accomplish only their own agendas without consulting the American people who elected them? Why would anyone want more watering down of our military when, today, we are flatly not safe and being threatened? And why do we want a follow-up president to the one we have now? Because this may be where we’re headed.

The United States of America needs a truly great leader, someone who’s tough, but fair. Someone who’s empathetic, but decisive. Someone unafraid, and yes, defiant when it comes to those who threaten America’s safety.

Americans need someone who listens to the voice of the people. Americans need someone unafraid to face radical Islamic terrorism, those killers of men, women, and children of the wrong religion, or the wrong lifestyle—not only those in the Middle East, but also Americans. Remember James Foley, San Bernardino, Orlando, and others? Remember when four of our fellow citizens were murdered by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in the tragic terrorist attacks in Benghazi?

America needs a huge change from the same old policies of the present administration. Haven’t we been drug down and around enough?

I’d love to see a woman as president of the United States—but certainly not a chameleon who turns the color of whatever brick she crawls across. I do not want another corrupt politician who says one thing and does another. I do not want someone who lies, and apparently sees no wrong in lying as long as it suits her purpose. And I do not want someone who’s anxious to follow policies that have already failed Americans.

America needs a president with a genuine concern for people, a president with real knowledge of what makes our economy tick, a president who values—honestly values–each of our God-given lives.

We, the American people, are tired of being drug down and around. We’re ready to dance to a brand new beat. And to dance as a majority on our own terms.

So, we will do something about it. We will look at past results. We will choose wisely.

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