How Much Do I Need to Know???

Posted: March 18, 2016 in World On The Edge

By Click, 2008,

By Click, 2008,

I usually want to know how and why things happen to me that are out of my hands, and when I don’t, I sometimes pitch a fit.

But I don’t have to know how the sun sets to see that it does. I don’t have to know how the internet works in order to use it. I don’t have to know how one person falls in love with another to experience that they do.

I only have to know that God does it all, that He wills there to be good in every present moment whether I understand the present moment or not.

Parents of young children do not explain to them the ins and outs of certain situations that are above their abilities to understand, rather a loving parent sets a parameter the child can grasp. And the child accepts that parameter through faith that his parents decisions come out of  love.

Faith, though, is not something we drum up on our own. It’s a gift given to us by a gracious, generous God. We may think we have weak faith, but the truth is God has given us all the faith we will ever need. We just have to learn how to yield to this great gift.

Lord, increase my faith.

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