What is the Greatest Threat to Evil???

Posted: October 5, 2015 in World On The Edge

Photo by dpbrucks, morguefile.com 2012

Photo by dpbrucks, morguefile.com 2012

In the world we live in, grace is always surrounded by evil. Why is that? Because without evil we would not need, see, or experience grace. We think of suffering as evil, but suffering is the flashlight that lets grace be seen, even the vehicle that produces grace. Grace comes to us when we freely choose to recognize it and allow its entrance into our lives.

Evil is all around us and within us. We are not perfect people because there are no perfect people, no perfect situations on earth. But we also have the image of God within us–thus our own unique battle between good and evil. The image of God within us has to do with our intellect, our memory, our imagination, and our free will; all potential vessels of grace

Grace is a tremendous threat to evil. If the window of grace is raised, grace can destroy evil. If left closed, evil will flourish within each one of us and we will spread it to others. Grace has an accumulating effect. Each of us can assist in changing not only our lives, but also the world.

So, let’s look around. Let’s look at our own individual lives. Are we personally opening–or closing– the window of grace?

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