What are You Afraid Of?

Posted: October 2, 2014 in World On The Edge

fearWhen we are afraid, our heartbeat quickens, we might perspire, we might feel an uncomfortable grating in our chest like fingernails scraping across a blackboard.

We might be a soldier, fearful in war. We might be the parent of a very ill child or relative near death. We might be out of money, afraid of bankruptcy. We might be alone, with no one to help us, while a stranger breaks into our home.

OR, we may have done something we know is wrong, and be desperately afraid of the consequences that will surely come.

Fear of consequences is a continually rolling fear within us that doesn’t leave, until we’re caught. For we can never get rid of what we’ve done. OR CAN WE?

Why are we afraid when we’ve done something wrong? Are we afraid of the laws of The Justice Department, or of another’s opinion, or of the judgment of God?

Well–we should be afraid of our civil laws. We should be afraid of ruining ourselves in the eyes of other human beings. BUT we should not be afraid of God.

Civil laws are unforgiving. Another person may, or may not, forgive.

But God, if asked, will ALWAYS forgive us. God is the only entity in which we should NOT be afraid.

  1. Amen. Perfect Love casts out fear.


  2. Yes, and total trust. The memoir is almost done; on the last chapter now.


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