Guest Blog: Time Out

Posted: February 6, 2014 in World On The Edge

A member of Generation X sent me this post. It caught my attention, and I think it deserves yours, too.  Enjoy. And thank you, Mister Mom, for your keen insights!



As simple as breathing in and out, eating and sleeping; Yet us grown-ups make it way more complicated than it needs to be.

Busy, Busy, Busy often worried about ourselves or things that won’t really have any bearing on our well-being. The trash we watch on TV consumes us. The latest gadgets phones and computers keep our heads down and eyes focused, but on what?

What did you really accomplish the one and half hours you snooped on Facebook reading everyone’s post, or played the latest game like candy crush for hours on end? There are only 2 things in life you can control. Your time, and how you spend it.
Meanwhile as we sit hunched over our gadgets, time goes on.

If you have children they yearn for your attention as you choose your gadgets over them. The birds chirp outside on a beautiful day as we waste our time preoccupied with everyone else but those that truly matter.

Case in point. A few months ago I went to a birthday party, everything was nice, yet when it was time to gather and open presents I couldn’t believe that just about everyone in the room was on their phone— no not taking pictures, consumed—- meanwhile this poor little boy, celebrating his birthday,  looks around, not to see everyone’s excitement for him (with the exception of a few) but to see the crown of everyone’s head as they inhaled whatever was  on  their phones. It really brought a tear to my eye. Even the little boy’s mother was absorbed like that!!!
We can learn a lot from Children. They are simple. They love the beauty God created outdoors, they find comfort in the simplest things. They are innocent and full of love and good intentions. The Great imitators. What kind of example will you set?

Honestly, I tell you that what you do, they suck it in, and it spreads like wildfire to their little friends (good and bad). They see the good in the world, and think the best of people. They don’t judge, they trust. What kind of trust will you fill them with? Oh how better the world would be if we could be such as these little angels.

We could also learn from our dogs. No matter how bad we treat or ignore them, they are always full of love, and happy to see you. Wouldn’t it be nice if our relationships were that way?

Nobody said it was going to be easy! But nobody said it has to be the way it is either! So today, open up the shades, windows, and doors turn off the gadgets, and let the sounds of God’s creation in. Listen to the sound of peace. Keep it simple, and so shall your life be.

If anyone else would like to send me a blog with their thoughts, I’ll be happy to read it and consider including it here.

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