Within This Time

Posted: February 5, 2014 in World On The Edge

mf734Each of our lives is a personal story, our own novel written about our specific time here.

Some of the pages speak of joy and happiness— in childhood, in falling in love, in marriage and children and grandchildren.  Some of them speak of pain and suffering—losing a child or a spouse or a parent, failing at a job, falling into addiction, and anger, and waste, and regret.

Some events  are controllable,  some are uncontrollable events,  and each of us  reacts to those events in our own unique way. And in doing so, we write a book about our life.

We write–through our actions—our own personalized record, a life story entitled, How I Am Spending my Life On Earth.

We write our book whether we intend to, or not. Within this time.

And we write the story of our life in chapters, with chapter headings  that are important to us. Some are written with deep convictions. Others are frittered away through self-indulgence. But one thing for certain–the chapters progress to the last page. Our book will one day be finished. Because Time flies by.

Year after year, my husband and I ask each other, “Where does the time go?”

All of us have  times we’d like to go back to, for one reason or another. And then, there are times we wouldn’t re-live for the world. Still, the Book of Our Time goes forward, fast as a train on its track, and we are its only engineer—it’s only author.

A good book always has some action; positive and negative. If we consider our life as a book, and  consider that we are authoring the chapters ourselves–would we pay more attention to the intent and the result of every action we take?

Of course, our Book of Life on Earth will end up in on a shelf,  somewhere in the Divine Plan Of Eternity. Shouldn’t we consider how each of our actions, each of our chapters, each of our finished books, will fit into that plan?

  1. Cheryl says:

    You are a wise woman, Kaye. I don’t think enough of us give enough consideration to what kind of reactions our actions will cause.


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