Posted: December 9, 2013 in World On The Edge

file0001610322107How do we know when is it time to let go–of certain situations, certain people, or certain things?

How do we know when we are we hanging on too long, or that these things are negatives and getting the best of us?

If we remain too subjective, we won’t leave, or give them up. Yet if we look at something objectively, we’re more likely to see the situation as it really is. And this is the beginning of change.

It may not happen right away. It may take just the right moment in our lives for the change in our behavior to occur—that time when we know in our hearts that change is not only better for us, but necessary—even though its also completely out of our personally created comfort zone.

How does this happen?

Sometimes we just get sick of being what we are.

Sometimes another person in our life leads us.

Sometimes God intervenes–and He does it so directly that we can hear His instruction.

His instruction can be in the voice of another.

It can be in the pages of a book.

Or it may be an interior voice interrupting our own thoughts—like the little nudges of a mare urging her foal to get up and walk on its own.

Because no matter what we do, God does not leave us. Throughout our wayward lives, he nudges, pushes, and offers us chances to be who we are meant to be.

All we have to do, is recognize the nudge and act on it.

Of course, it isn’t easy. It isn’t exactly fun either. And we may even be criticized for it. But once we’ve allowed God to lovingly touch us, we won’t want to be without His involvement in our lives.

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