Divided Wings

Posted: November 5, 2013 in World On The Edge

Picture 007To say that our country is divided today is an understatement. People ask, “What is the right way to go?”

There are times when people disagree so severely that it seems they will never get together. This is sad, but it’s happened before, not only in our country, but in many of our own families–when no one agrees, when every one is rigid in his or her opinions, and each side draws a line in the sand saying, “I will not move.”

What lies beneath this divisiveness?

The conflict between two words: Pride and Arrogance
Pride says, “I am very important. This is what I’d like to do.”
Arrogance says, “But I am more important than you. So, you will do what I say.”

I think of the American Eagle,  the symbol of American Freedom. The Eagle has two wings. One wing cannot be more important than the other–or the bird will never leave the ground.  It’s entire purpose–the reason it was created–will be ruined.

Like the American Eagle, 0ur country can, and should, hold onto pride. But it cannot hold onto  arrogance and continue to fly.

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