Posted: November 4, 2013 in World On The Edge

file0001136989626Most of us don’t like the connotation of the word, ‘struggle.’  It evokes thoughts of difficulty. We don’t like difficulties.

We don’t like bumpy roads that cause us to lose equilibrium.

We don’t like to climb mountains that exhaust our strength.

We don’t want to swim a channel that seems much too wide for our meager swimming abilities.

Except struggle increases our balance, our muscle, our talents.

Struggle is the fire that hardens the clay of our lives and turns an earthen vessel into something altogether unearthly.

Struggle can produce  people who are out of the ordinary, simply because they have had to work hard.

As parents, we don’t like to see our children struggle.  We want to relieve them of difficulty.  We like to ‘fix’ them. We want to save them from anything that hurts–even if they’ve concoted their own unsavory  situation.

We should let them know we are there for them. But I think there are times when we shouldn’t be too quick to ‘save’ them. We should allow them to ‘save’ themselves, to strengthen their wings from within. 

The moth in a cocoon struggles to get out of it, and by doing so,  it  grows stronger—strong enough to fly completely away from the cocoon that once tied and bound it.

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