Posted: September 17, 2013 in World On The Edge


Each of us have gifts, God-given talents. The gifts of some may seem more apparent than others. For example, in those who appear on our televisions, in our movie theatres, on our radios—the so-called “stars.” But the value to God of each individual’s gift is the same, because God does not discriminate.

Early on, when I lived in Birmingham, my neighbor and I shared a babysitter, an older woman we’d met at a nearby Garden Nursery. Her name was Mrs. Hays. Anything she put into the ground, grew. There wasn’t a plant or flower or tree she didn’t seem to completely understand. She knew what each needed to flourish. And she handled our young children the same way. Whenever she came, they did indeed flourish. The gift she gave our children, and my neighbor and I as mothers, cannot be measured. Mrs. Hays wasn’t on the big screen, or the radio, or newspaper, but she made a lasting imprint on four young children. She had a gift and quietly used it. No fanfare, just solid intention driven by a love for all things growing.

Sometimes those—not all, but some–in the spotlight seem to want only that—-the spotlight. Is this the purpose of their gift?
What would happen in our world if everyone had a common purpose for the use of their gifts? What if every singer used his/her voice to further the better instincts of a human being rather that the basest instincts? What if every actor, artist, writer, politician, or talk-show host used his/her talent to expose the true reason God made man?

Of course, it wouldn’t take away their, or our, fallen nature; we’d still have one. We’d still have our pet addictions, our meanness, our selfishness, our frequent disregard for others.

Still, a true and correct mindset behind use of our gifts might remind each of us that we do have the ability to strive for higher things. And sometimes a reminder is all it takes to change.

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