Bad Moon?

Posted: September 16, 2013 in World On The Edge

best full moonLast week was wonderful! From The Daughters of Mary meeting at St. Ignatius in Mobile, to the Spring Hill College panel discussion on The Catholic Imagination and Fiction, to The Stories of Faith Workshop on Saturday at St. Columba, Dothan–it was all good, all successful, I think.

And then?

On Saturday afternoon, my computer screen turned to stripes and I could retrieve nothing!! I panicked, of course. Dismissing all the good things that had happened in the last few days, I fell into negativity: there was a Bad Moon on the Rise. And I reacted too quickly–an unfortunate trait I have.

The next morning I went directly to Office Depot where I ended up buying a new computer. That would have been fine if the computer had not had Windows Eight installed on it. Oh, I do not like it! I don’t like to adjust. I don’t like the unfamiliar. And I became worse than before. I became Chicken Little–the sky was falling!

Late yesterday afternoon, I was still trying to understand Windows Eight, download Word, even to find out how to get out of a page, when one of my little granddaughters came over to stay a while. I got her busy setting the table and then went back to deciphering Windows Eight. Suddenly, I totally lost it. In my frustration, tears came. My granddaughter (she’ll be four next month) came running. She put an arm around my shoulder, “Grandmommy, don’t cry,” she said. “It’s only a computer.” Wow, did I feel immature in the presence of a three year-old!

Lesson learned. It is only a computer. Only a glitch, and a small one at that. I’d forgotten to look at the big picture, and instead let the little things bug the heck out of me. Never again. After all, it IS only a computer.

Negativity does no good at all. Why concentrate on “the bad” when there’s a beautifully full moon within reach.

  1. Cindy says:

    As soon as I read you bought a new computer I knew where you were headed. I feel your pain regarding Windows Eight. I too am trying to understand it.


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