Bring Us Home

Posted: September 6, 2013 in World On The Edge

war The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken their toll. Not only in the death and injury to so many service men and women, but they have also taken a toll on our trust; the trust of the American people in our own government.

Now, we are facing another war in Syria. Is this the right thing to do? I must say I don’t know.

On the one hand are pictures of precious people, many children, lying dead from poisonous gas. How Syria’s government could do this to its own citizens is beyond belief. That it is evil, is a gross understatement. Think back to WWII and Hitler’s gas chambers.

On the other hand is the question that has become a sad reality: Is our own government being truthful with us, or is this a political play? If so, gross evil is present here in our own country as well.

But again, I don’t know.

From the perspective of a Christian, I do know that God loves every single human being involved in this crisis on all sides. People on all sides are going to do what they’re going to do, first of all, because they have the free will to do it, and secondly because there have always been those who selfishly put ‘might’ above ‘right.’

As we enter this unfortunate and very open-ended phase of America’s involvement in Syria, we need much prayer that God will instill His grace in all of us. That our “stand” against chemical weapons will do the trick, be only that, and not more.

We need to pray as much for America as for the countries in the Middle East, that we haven’t lost our way. That we are still a honorable country. That we resume our status as a beacon to the world. We need to pray that God will bring us home to Himself, in every way.

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