Posted: September 5, 2013 in World On The Edge

sunlit pathEvery culture has a tradition of prayer, a communication with God.  When we communicate with someone, we get to know them better. Prayer helps us grow closer and connect with God.

In my novel, “A Hunger in the Heart,” Coleman looks at his mother Sarah Neal, an alcoholic with a crucifix hung around her neck and a rosary in her hand, and he sees a hypocrite.  “How can you pray?” he asks.  She looks back at him and says, “Because I’m a sinner, Coleman. If I wasn’t sinner I wouldn’t need to pray, would I?”

She’s not completely correct about that, but at this point, all she’s thinking about is her sinfulness.

But prayers of sorrow and repentance are not the only types of prayer. There are also prayers of adoration, There are prayers that express our love for God. And there are prayers of petition, and thanksgiving.

The important thing is that all prayer is our acknowledgement that God is present to us. Right here. Right now. No matter the circumstance.

For some of us prayer takes a humility we haven’t been willing to give. It takes the acceptance that despite the books, advice, and general hype about being totally independent, we know somewhere deep inside us that we can’t go it alone. We need another’s hand.

Prayer is a side-by-side walk with God. He is always present to us, but in prayer we make ourselves present to Him.

When we pray God is listening. We can tell him anything without worry because He’s madly in love with us. In fact, He loves us more than we’ll ever know.

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