What Does it Really Mean to be a STRONG WOMAN???

Posted: June 23, 2022 in World On The Edge

Strong women stay the course when things don’t go as they expected.

These women are beautiful and plain, young and old. They are loving women who do not give up. There are many of them, but they do not carry attention-getting signs so they often go unnoticed. These are STRONG women.

These are women who do not destroy. They create. They do not cause disruption. They effect peace. They do not hang to some slogan created by someone who wants power only for themselves. These women are not self-serving. They serve others by choice. And they will NOT be used. These are STRONG women.

These are the women who choose to raise strong families committed to God. They are women whose children or husbands become ill and become dependent upon them. They are women who may be so hurt by the actions of a family member that they are tempted to give up and leave. Yet they don’t leave. They stand strong because they believe in a higher purpose. They are principled women who adhere to life and their place in it. These are STRONG women.

These are women who are fighters. It is generosity that bolsters them, and genuine love is their weapon. These are STRONG women.

These women may pray change will come. But if change does not come, they are courageous enough to change themselves enough to face their situations. They make themselves even stronger. They straighten their backs, tuck in their tummies, and lift their chins. They do not back down from the promises they have made. They walk toward those who would ridicule and demean their purposes, and like warriors, they challenge them. These are STRONG women.

These are women STRONG enough to stay.

If a singer/songwriter wanted to make a statement about strong women who stay, it couldn’t be better than this one.

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