Are You a Candy Christian??

Posted: October 30, 2020 in World On The Edge

Have we become Candy Christians, our once-strong beliefs melting away?

Have we lost all courage to face Goliath?

Are we afraid of a personal Crucifixion?

Have we accepted the sugar-coated, fear-mongering, victimhood imposed upon us by some in our government who spread lies while lining their own greedy pockets?

Will we let the greedy elite control our right to free speech, our right to worship, our right to bear arms?

Are we using the sense and dignity God gave us when we step into Socialism–now being spread by ‘progressives’– without taking a stand against it?

Will we abandon America—one nation under God?

Will we be called racist by those who are actually using race as a sharp-edged tool for their hopeful takeover of America?

Will we cower, and be called “chumps,” by the hypocrite, Joe Biden?

If I painted a picture or wrote a book and told you that everything I showed you or said was true, that you could believe nothing else, and if you did believe otherwise, there would be sanctions you would regret—how would you react? Would you lie down like a fearful dog and accept it? Or would you rise to fight for your freedom to make your own informed choices?

Well, today there is an attempt to control us, using a virus that is to be sure serious, but not defeating, as some would have you believe. “A dark winter is coming,” they warn us. But each of us can respond to that. Each of us has had a dark winter at one time or another in our lives. And yet, we are still here. We are still loving, trusting, thinking, and opposing evil–aren’t we?

BUT we cannot oppose evil if we do not have faith and trust in the God who lives within us.  And that God often uses other people in this life to lead us. We may not like their personality, or their looks, or their mannerisms. But if you need surgery, which do you care more about: your doctor’s bedside manner, or that he/she is a good physician?

More than ever, America needs a good physician, one who believes in our country, its constitution, and its Bill of Rights.

In this crazily dangerous year of 2020, the ONLY physician worth considering is President Trump. If he isn’t elected, God have mercy on us, and on the country we love.

Don’t be a candy Christian. Don’t let them melt you down. VOTE Republican, all the way.

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