Three Kaye Park Hinckley Novels FREE on Kindle July 24 – July 27: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Posted: July 23, 2020 in World On The Edge

A_Hunger_In_The_Hear_Cover_for_Kindle NEW

“Kaye Park Hinckley’s novel, A Hunger in the Heart, is a story of hope, forgiveness, and redemption. It’s a great read in the tradition of southern fiction.”–Winston Groom, award-winning author of  Forrest Gump, Shiloh 1862 and others.

2018 Platinum, International Movie Award award for Screenplay of A Hunger in the Heart  (student, newcomer, and women category)

In 1955 Florida, a boy struggles with the effects of World War II on his family and fights a personal war just to survive.


First in a series, She Who Sees Beyond is the story of an artist renowned for her gift of ‘seeing’ and finding missing people. Yet, she cannot find her own son. A novel about the true meaning of love.
Hinckley’s characters are complicated. They’ve done horrible things, witnessed horrible things, been the victims of horrible things, yet they continue rising each morning and putting one foot in front of the other. They fulfill their obligations to each other while these horrible things gnaw at them from the inside out. Hinckley deftly presents the repulsiveness of her character’s actions, while also revealing her characters’ drive toward love. ..fully developed plots and well-rounded characters.
        –Lake Oconee Living Magazine

Mary's Mountain BookCoverImage 




MARY’S MOUNTAIN. . . brings out the paradox that we are already seeing signs of today. That is that tolerance only applies to self indulgent behavior, and to non-conformity. Since religion and patriotism are seen as intolerant, they are not tolerated. Mary’s Mountain is a well-written narrative that grabs your attention from the very beginning as it follows the plight of Paul Dunaway as he tries to fight back against the society he helped to create and, in the process, regain his soul.  — Tim Speer, Return to Paradise   

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