AMERICAN CITIZEN, Where Is Your Patriotism???

Posted: June 30, 2020 in World On The Edge


You must have noticed. The United States of America is in the midst of a war, initiated by true greed, and real immorality. Under attack is everything that has made your country the best in the world. How much longer can you keep your head down or turn away from what’s happening to YOUR COUNTRY OF AMERICA. How much longer can you NOT become involved, even in the smallest of ways?

There is no question that Americans are being killed for no reason, that their property is being razed. There is no denying that many cities and historic places in America are being demolished. And there is no genuine excuse for any of this–unless you take your head out of the sand and dare to consider the pre-planned steps that have been taken by gluttonous people who care only for themselves, not you, and not America.

Where are the true Patriots?
Are you one of them?
Isn’t it time to stand up for America?

As a rule, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but what is exposed in this fact-based video cannot be denied. We NEED a two party system in America–with both Republican and Democrat representatives who have America’s well-being at heart. Sadly, the present Democrat Party wears only the mask of Patriotism without the heart behind it. Sincere Patriots, for the sake of your country, remember and restore, with YOUR VOTE for AMERICA, the most exemplary republic in human history.

  1. wrkman4truth says:

    Such a horrific thing to be happening within our Country. If you take a stand to protect your business, you are posted around the World as being a tyrant. If you oppose those that are destroying and disrespecting historical monuments, you are defined as a racist and intolerant of others. We are being lead and intimidated into a Socialist society. There is no respect for authority or those we elect much less religious tolerance is only tolerance for what others that are rioting and holding people hostage believe. Unfortunately, almost all of our media is so bent on the destruction of free speech unless is it on their viewpoint. Prayers for our leaders and those that believe in truth and virtue.

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  2. GP Cox says:

    Money is behind all this, greed and caring only for themselves. The boredom of the pandemic was the perfect breeding ground and the anarchists couldn’t have planned it any better.Right now, the looters, the most violent of perpetrators are making far too many bend to their knees in every effort to not be called racist. The whole set up is outrageous.

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  3. kph52013 says:

    That, I am sure of, GP. 🙂


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