Posted: January 21, 2019 in World On The Edge

I am the mother of two Catholic sons and the grandmother of eight Catholic grandsons. And I’m sick and tired, as well as horribly disappointed, concerning the left-leaning media’s demeaning propaganda about our American boys, especially those who are Christian.

Using the March for Life, ‘indigenous’ groups wanting to get some point across, embarrassed themselves through vulgar language and ridiculous claims in front of a group of teenaged boys from a Catholic High School in Kentucky. These boys had participated in the March for Life and were simply waiting for the bus to take them home.


It was NOT the boys who harassed the two groups; it was the groups who harassed the boys. AND YET–CNN, followed by others, reported the opposite. Their insane claims that the boys were angry and disrespectful was a lie. Their lack of reporting the truth, that the two ‘indigenous’ groups WERE angry and disrespectful is exactly why they have earned the label FAKE NEWS. These boys were NOT an angry crowd, but only kids waiting for their bus. Watch an actual video below. Has peacefully standing still with a smile on your face become a hate crime today? Did the group want a riot from the Catholic boys? Well, they didn’t get one, did they?


I DO hate to show this second video with all its pompous stupidity and ignorant vulgarity. But there is no way to know the truth if it is not shown. The video speaks for itself–of course, the voiceovers do not, they are purposely meant to deceive. And talk about prejudice and racism?? This is racism at is worst in an attempt to ruin the young lives of American Christian boys.

Today, we are indeed living in A WORLD ON THE EDGE, while being fed little more than garbage by most of the media. And what is worse, some people who will not think for themselves actually lap it up.

The fact is, the ONLY way the left wing, pro-abortion media would even have mentioned THE MARCH FOR LIFE is if they could find some disgusting way to spin it. God help us to be HONEST!

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. ― Albert Einstein  

  1. ralietravels says:

    We should all follow the rule: if something we hear or see is designed to make us angry, check the “facts” first. After the media blowup on this, I heard the man with the drum interviewed on CBS and he said he approached the boys [not the other way around] drumming a chant for peace because he had witnessed the confrontation by the groups.

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