Too Many Troubles???

Posted: May 2, 2018 in World On The Edge

troubled girl-3047297_640

Trouble is part of the human condition. It is always very personal and yet, universal. Trouble has no skin color, no age, no nationality. It is part of life. There is no one in human history who hasn’t been beset by trouble.

But that fact doesn’t make it easier on those who struggle today. We may think our troubles are too big to overcome, even bigger than anyone else’s. If so, we need to remember–as my mother told her own struggling, and very verbal, daughter: There are plenty of people in the world with troubles greater than yours. You’ll feel better if you think about that.

Still, our troubles deeply affect us; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

At times we may feel like a fragile leaf taken up by the wind, with no control over where we’re going. And we worry, we obsess. We may shake, or sweat, crying out, “What will happen to me?”

Maybe we’re suffering from some disease. Maybe we’re despondent over the loss of a loved one. Or we may have deliberately hurt someone else, and while we regret it, what we’ve done eats away at us.

We may have committed an offense we don’t think we can be forgiven for. Or we may be afraid of the punishment we’ll receive from that offense. All these happenings can alter us until we barely respond to others in kind ways, because there’s too much darkness around us to recognize any sort of joy.

But life itself is good. Life can be affirming even in our sorrow, pain, or distress.

The idea that Life is good doesn’t come to us from something outside of us. It comes from inside us, if we allow it to. It comes from creating in our hearts an attitude of Trust–no matter who has hurt us, or who we’ve lost, no matter how terrible we think we’ve been, and no matter how weak our bodies have become.

Trust means a lack of worry about tomorrow. Trust means loving the moment we are living in. Trust means that even if the moment we love doesn’t last, our Trust, our Faith, our Hope will last.

Can we do this alone? Can we stoke the fire inside us and carry it forward without someone else? Don’t we need a hand to hold, the hand of someone who truly loves us?

Oh, you are alone? And nobody loves you?

Don’t fall for that.

We are never alone–not alone on the top of a mountain of happiness and good fortune, and not alone at the bottom of a sea of sorrow and despair.

The One who created us loves us and never leaves us. We are always in His mind, and we can trust that His hand is always extended to us.

All we need do is ask for the touch of His hand. And then, reach out and take it.

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