Free on Kindle March 1 – March 3!!!

Posted: February 28, 2018 in World On The Edge

Every artist sees beyond what is apparent, but the sculptress in my new novel sees even more. I would love for you to read She Who Sees Beyond and hopefully leave a review for me. It is free on Kindle from tomorrow, March 1, until March 3. Here’s a short summary:

A New Orleans hurricane takes the life of artist Audrey Bliss’s husband, swallows any trace of their four year-old son, and dramatically changes Audrey when she suffers a head wound. She’s always been perceptive, but now, she sees and hears the voices of missing people calling to be found. Soon, asked by local law enforcement to solve crimes in The Big Easy, she finds many missing people, including a girl from Birmingham, Alabama found murdered in New Orleans. Yet, she never finds her own son, and accepts he died in the hurricane.

After inheriting a tiny island in the Tennessee River near Red Clay Springs, Alabama, Audrey attempts to discard her life as a seer and takes up residence in the old house to concentrate on her art. But when an unidentified boy is found dead on a pyre, her gift of seeing will not let go.

She Who Sees Beyond was a Finalist for the Tuscany Prize for Fiction.

Kaye Park Hinckley writes southern literary fiction from a Catholic perspective. A graduate of Spring Hill College, Hinckley owned an advertising agency for twenty years before she began writing full time. Many of her stories have been published in literary magazines, such as Dappled Things. She is the author of A Hunger in the Heart, Birds of a Feather, Mary’s Mountain, and The Wind That Shakes the Corn: Memoirs of a Scots Irish Woman. Her books have won various awards, such as Englewood Review of Books listing of Birds of a Feather, as one of the six best fiction books of the first half of 2014. Hinckley also won Poets & Writers Maureen Egan Award, First Runner-up, for a novel in progress.

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