Posted: February 14, 2018 in World On The Edge


Would YOU like to see beyond???

This novel, published on February 11, is about the gift of sight–the benefits and hindrances for a young woman who is a seer.

To a certain extent, we all possess the gift of seeing beyond–it’s what makes us human. If you could see beyond, you might realize how much more you can be as a human being. You might see purpose in your life. You might understand others more, or be more compassionate. You might love more, incited to do so by the gifted wisdom of your sight.

Or you might try to get away from such a gift and its grave responsibilities. For it is a gift that will require your response, just as it is requires a response from the young woman–the seer–in this novel.

SHE WHO SEES BEYOND,  begins during a New Orleans hurricane that takes the life of artist Audrey Bliss’s husband, swallows any trace of their four year-old son, and dramatically changes Audrey when she suffers a head wound. As a sensitive child she’d been gifted with a keen perception, but now, she sees and hears the voices of missing people calling to be found. Soon, asked by local law enforcement to solve crimes in The Big Easy, she finds many missing people, including a girl from Birmingham, Alabama found murdered in New Orleans. Yet, she never finds her own son, and accepts he died in the hurricane.

After inheriting a tiny island in the Tennessee River near Red Clay Springs, Alabama, Audrey attempts to discard her trying life as a seer and takes up residence in the old house on the island, meaning to concentrate on her art. But when an unidentified boy is found dead on a pyre, her gift of seeing will not let go.

Main Characters:
Audrey Bliss, an artist, and seer who wants to be rid of her gift.
Joe Hightower, FBI Special Agent and single father, out to take down traffickers,
Hamilton Blanchette, a County Sheriff with secrets.
The Dead Boy on the Pyre, attempting to make his presence known to Audrey. But will he succeed?

SHE WHO SEES BEYOND is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in most Southern Bookstores. Click on the Book Cover above. If you’re interested in reading and reviewing it, please let me know.

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