Are YOU in the Target Market for THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE CORN????

Posted: January 29, 2018 in World On The Edge

Are you a person who believes in God?

Are you a Conservative who holds to the United States Constitution?

Are you concerned about the vitriol expressed today by some, against your deepest-held beliefs–your freedoms?

Do you believe that it is difficult to forgive–but that people can change, that they can move from hatred to love?

Are you a man or a woman devoted to your family, and a person who is challenged to make our world better in even the smallest of ways?

Are you a man or a woman who would like to leave a genuine legacy for those you love?

These same questions have been asked of themselves by real people throughout history, certainly in the eighteenth century during the birth of America.

If you answered yes to any one of them, then I offer you my new novel, THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE CORN: Memoirs of a Scots Irish Woman. Available this week in paperback and Kindle.

The book is the epic saga of a woman of strength and conviction, yet time and time again, she is in battle with her inner demons–revenge and hatred. This is not your run-of-the-mill historical romance, it is much deeper; about a lifetime search for love. For some of us, it takes that long! But even through those searching times, a man desires to love a woman, a parent wants to love his child, and a friend can exhibit the highest forms of loyalty.

Set in the eighteenth century, during the dawning of the new America fighting to rule itself rather than to continue as a colony of the English Crown, the novel begins with an Irish peasant girl, Nell, as she watches her mother being hung by English soldiers.

Yet we soon see that Nell is a definite type ‘A’ personality. We see her competiveness and confidence as she develops from girl to woman, to lover, to wife, to a slave in the West Indies, and to a loyal friend, while always in battle with the very human characteristics that destroy love—consistent hatred, revenge, and refusal to forgive. These are Nell’s inner demons. Demons we recognize in ourselves.

Will she choose to let them go?

If you had lived her life, would you?

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