Does Anybody Hear Her????

Posted: July 5, 2017 in World On The Edge


I posted this some months back, but an event I became aware of prompted me to re-blog.

At its heart, femininity cries out for love and affection, but the hearts of many young girls have been hardened through wrongful teaching, very bad media, or families who don’t seem to care. I think both men and women primarily want love in their lives, but today they have been so brainwashed that they don’t recognize what genuine love is. Young girls equate love with sex; it’s how they are made. They equate affection with a favorable Facebook post and then fall apart when something unfavorable is said. And when they realize that they have been used in selfish and fictitious ways, they collapse, and no one seems to see or care about the violations perpetrated against them.

To sell a person a “bill of goods” is to deceive someone by leading them to believe something that isn’t true. Many of today’s young girls and women have been sold a very unfortunate “bill of goods.” They have been led to believe that the most important thing about them is the way their faces and bodies look. They have been nearly fanatically shown how they ‘should’ look in movies, magazines, and television. But more than that, through the same media, they have been led to believe that they can offer their bodies to someone who doesn’t love them and then be okay about it. This is so far from truth!!

The ultimate “bill of goods” was sold to innocent and inexperienced female children whose parents did not see the need to show them how valuable their femininity was. Instead, the fake, so-called empowerment of women is increasing, making a girl believe that she is seen as ‘less’ than a man instead of equal, but different. To do the ‘menial, unpaid things it takes to birth and raise care of a child is put down as demeaning.

How did this come about?

Having been around during the beginning of the feminist movement when women strove not only to be equal to men–which is needed for equal pay and opportunity–they strove instead to be just LIKE men. In order to do that, they had to minimize, even erase, the differences between themselves and men. Women had to get rid of the idea that they were physically created with the ability to bear children, an ability that makes them entirely different from men.

Of course, this reasoning was/is insane–and the beginning of terminating over 60 million unborn children since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in all fifty states at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy. And it went on without parental knowledge at a time when a girl had to have permission from her parents to have her ears pierced, but an abortion clinic did not have to inform her parents that she was pregnant before performing an abortion. Would this not be very confusing to a young girl?

I am not saying that being a man is better than being a woman–or that being a woman is better than being a man. We are simply different from each other–except in the fact that we are each human beings created for a reason.

We are each created by God, in His image. We are valuable, with particular gifts that we are meant to use to lift humanity upward, not to demean or destroy it.  Yet today, girls are giving themselves away without knowing how valuable they are. And my heart aches to see it. It needs to be changed.

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