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Is there such a thing as a fairy tale in real life? If you mean fairy god-mothers, prince charming on white horse, and true love’s kiss, then no, there isn’t. But if you mean real love, honest love with commitment, then yes. It does exist, and is what most people strive for.

However, real love is hard to come by and often produces difficult times, even suffering. Many are unwilling to shoulder suffering. They are unwilling to fight for the love they want. But real love must be fought for.

From Cinder Allia, by Karen Ullo: Allia tightened her grip on the sword. Her scabbed palms burned with the wounds of hate while her heart drummed against the cross-shaped scar of love. No matter which she chose, it would leave her bleeding.

In Karen Ullo’s wonderful adult fairy tale, available July 6, the protagonist Cinder Allia has spent eight years living under her stepmother’s brutal thumb wrongly punished for having caused her mother’s death. She lives for the day when the prince will grant her justice; but her fairy godmother shatters her hope with the news that the prince has died in battle. Allia escapes in search of a happy ending, but her journey draws her into the turbulent waters of war and politics in a kingdom where the prince’s death has left chaos and division.

Ullo asks three questions of her readers: What happens when the damsel in distress must save not only herself, but her kingdom? What price is she willing to pay for justice? And can a woman who has lost her prince ever find true love? … Well, Cinder Allia has characteristics that remind this reader of Joan of Arc. And we all know the ultimate price Joan paid to put a true king on the throne.

Cinder Allia, too, will pay a price for love. She may even have to give up her life for it. But bolstered by her innate courage, she never lets go of the hope she has in the virtue of love. All this, making for a lovely, thought provoking adult fairy tale.

Karen Ullo’s literary talent is captivating. Using symbolism and mystery, she explores what keeps human beings–in fairy tales or in real life–in touch with the divine. A very good read.

Available July 6, 2017
In print on Amazon and from all major eBook retailers

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