What Do We Do When There’s No Mirror around???

Posted: April 28, 2017 in World On The Edge


We are the world’s arms. We are the caretakers of human hearts. We are natural lovers.

But today’s modern world has confused many of us as to who, and what, we’re meant to love.

This is a time of self-love. Well, we should love our self. Why?

Because we know exactly who we are. And it’s who we are that gives our lives meaning and purpose.

Both men and women spend lots of time looking in mirrors, but there is much more to us than what we see there. Our true image is far beyond the mirrored one. The mirror, like the world, would have us see our wrinkles, a bad-hair day, or the extra twenty pounds we don’t want. The mirror says we have to do something about the way we look to others. It doesn’t show our true self.

The mirror doesn’t see is what’s inside us–all that makes us who we are. Our memories, our intellect, and every choice we have made, and will make, through our free will. These are gifts directly from God that either show, or do not show, the authentic person we are.

We are not meant to be God’s beauty queen or His handsome prince. We are meant to love. We are meant to act, and act lovingly. We are the message of His love in our world.

And that is not something we can see in a mirror, but something we do when there is no mirror around.

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