Our Humanity as a People is at Stake….

Posted: April 7, 2017 in World On The Edge

It is time for Americans, politicians and the public, to grow up. It is time for those men and women to stop acting like six-year old children without the capability to see or understand deeper issues. Because today—right now–there are very deep issues to deal with. Yet some of those in the discussion have heads of granite, choosing to malign and even destroy reputations to have their own selfish needs met.

We can disagree on needs, but we cannot be too hard-headed to listen and to consider what is at stake for America.

And what is at stake? Our humanity as a people. Our decency. Not our politics!

For decades America has been losing more and more of its historical culture, principles, and integrity.
One might say that what is being fought for on both sides are opposing political doctrines. But it is more than just a political fight. It is also a fight between retrieving the lost morality of America, and preventing that morality from being retrieved.

America has always had a moral sense, but now, topics that have long been considered part of morality have become political questions.

No one likes that word—morality. Why? Because it makes a behavioral judgment?

No one wants to admit that there are absolute truths handed down by God. No one wants to admit that true morality is not a choice, not something that can be picked up from a smorgasbord of lame ideas, and then twisted into a selfish relativity. We cannot make our own personal ‘beliefs’ true if they are errant to begin with.

Some of us believe in God, in a higher authority. Why are we believers?

The answer is that we accept the complete essence of that God as an all-powerful creator who has divine love for each of us. No matter who or what we are her on earth, we are still part of  that divine love. A love that will show us the way back to God and to Eternity.

If we are not believers in God, then do we follow a path of believing that we made ourselves, the world, the universe? If so, we follow a path that leads us back to ourselves–our finite selves. But we are not meant to be finite. We are meant to be infinite. We are meant to return to God at some undetermined time, with a resume of the love we showed in our personal life.

Each human life on earth has love as its underpinning–real love, not just the word, love, with its meaning selfishly contorted.  Do we honestly love, or do we bastardize the word and simply call it love?

It’s our choice, and it is a serious one.

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