Think You Know Everything???

Posted: April 3, 2017 in World On The Edge


There are some people who think they know everything. They are the constant interrupters, the ones who will hear nothing but a parroting of their own beliefs. They are the ones who want to talk, but not to listen. The my way or the highway kind of people. And at one time or another, we have all been one of them.

We talk through our mouths, and listen through our ears, but the essence of what goes out of us, or comes into us, is ruled by selfish personal belief.

Personal beliefs can be WRONG.

They are enclosed in their own fat: with their mouth they speak proudly. –Psalm 17:10

Today, we’re all into Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, as if we have a license to make up our own Truth. We do not.

Ideally, what we say and how we hear what someone else says ought to be first passed through an absolute Truth which we have at least considered. But this isn’t happening. Again: My Way or the Highway.

There are too many people too absorbed in themselves to think about anyone else. It’s a product of our times–a time that promotes ‘safe places’ for the squeamish, trophies for the unskilled, platforms for the immoral. And worse, there is a general demeaning of those with courage enough to actually speak up, and speak out. Are we one of those who demean the virtuous? Are we one of those who will not listen, not consider that our culture is disrespecting, and even destroying, human life itself.

We need to look in the mirror, our own mirror, to see what our reflection looks like. In it, we may indeed see an outwardly pleasing face. But is the content behind that face, the content in our heart and soul, pleasing as well?

The fact is–the absolute Truth is–we are made by God, in His image. Every one of us. Except we don’t act as if we are. We don’t listen. We talk our own talk. We forget that very important fact, that we are here to love and respect not only ourselves, but each other.

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