The Roller-Coaster Rise and Fall of Dreams??

Posted: March 22, 2017 in World On The Edge


Every one has at least one big dream. One thing we’d love to have or be. The ups and downs of bringing a dream to fruition can be a roller coaster ride. So, what does it take to make our dream come true? What does it take to get a bona-fide trophy?

Well, it won’t drop out of the sky. A dream must be worked for, and the dreamer must be willing to do that work. Work, sacrifice, and humility are what dreams are made of.

Sacrifice may be not giving up when don’t see immediate success. Sometimes we have a great plan to achieve our dream, but when it fails, just one time, we’re disappointed. We lose hope. Some will even say they never wanted the dream anyway.

That’s when humility comes into play, too. We cannot be too proud to keep going. But often we are. We give up on our specific dream. Maybe we do this out of fear of failure, or financial pressure, or some other distraction–but we do it. And we do it too frequently. Dreams must be given time–and sometimes it’s a long time.

So how do we stay motivated?

The tiny ant can teach us self-motivation. Ants get organized. They stay focused. They work together toward a completed anthill. There are dangers though. A water hose, ant repellants, even a foot, can destroy what they’ve worked so hard to build. But what do they do? They begin again.

I plan to stay on the roller coaster ride of my dream. I plan to ignore the falls and anticipate the rise, and the magnificent view at the top. I hope you will, too. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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