Our Very Personal ONE Life….

Posted: February 15, 2017 in World On The Edge


So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.- Revelation 3:16

What are your convictions? The principles you live by?

If you were asked to list them, could you?

And if you can list them, would they be honestly YOURS?

Or would the list be only the opinions of someone else?

We need to have well-formed, personal convictions that we will stand up for, regardless of danger, embarrassment, or our own timidity .

How do we get that? Oftentimes, our convictions come from our family upbringing. We develop ideas from the ideas of our parents. Of course, many of us discard those convictions as we get older, believing them old-fashioned, or out-of-date in a fast, high-powered world.

Today, many of the principles we once lived by seem to have been thrown out the window and traded-in for popular opinion. We don’t want to appear different from others, so we look at media personalities and take on their personas rather than develop our own.

Why do we do this? Is it because creating convictions requires deep thought and we simply don’t have, or take, time to do that? We have little silence in our world. And the multitude of noises that daily assault us don’t allow for much critical thinking.

Well, we have to make time. Carve it out of our day; it’s that important. Because our thoughts always precede our actions. Our thoughts present us with a choice, and our choice is based on the convictions we hold.

Each of us as an individual is so very important to life itself. We may not think we are, but we are part of a plan in the mind of a God who loves us. He has given us a part to play in this world that He put us in. In this time, in whatever place we are, our convictions are important.

Indeed, the strong convictions of even one person can better the universe in ways we may never suspect or understand.

Let’s think about our convictions. Let’s not be without principles.

Let’s not be afraid to stand up and to act on them.

Let’s not be wishy-washy about what we believe.

People disagree. But God allows for heart-felt belief on every side of any issue. He expects that we will have thought about it though. In fact, I believe He demands us to come up with our own personal, but well-formed, convictions, and then stand up for them in order to help ourselves, and others.

All the lonely people cryin’
It could change if we just get started
Life the darkness, light a fire
For the silent and the broken hearted

Won’t you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up
Won’t you stand up you girls and boys?

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