Answering the Better Call???

Posted: January 25, 2017 in World On The Edge


The soul is the subject of human consciousness and freedom; soul and body together form one unique human nature. In each of our lives, we either shine our soul, or sully it, by our various decisions to accept truth, or lies; good, or evil.

Most of us don’t like to hear that we can choose between good and evil. Some of us don’t even recognize evil anymore. We put an acceptable face on evil because of today’s saccharine tolerance for ‘anything goes,’ and that the end justifies the means.

We allow ourselves to be blinded to the better call of our soul. But it is there regardless. And it is the crucible that determines our eternity.

The better call of our soul is to set aside our selfishness, and our conniving natures. The better call is to lift up the dignity of every person we meet as a child of God, from conception to death. The better call is to raise the image we have of ourselves, and others, from nobody to somebody who will one day inherit everything, including Love, itself.

And for that, we must prepare ourselves in the here and now.

We cannot control the whole world, but in our lives, there are certain people close to us in an environment we can control. Do we treat the people we are close to with respect and honesty? How will they remember us when we are gone?

There are also people we don’t know very well at all–fellow human beings–yet, we make-up, or accept, some caricature of them that is false. We may ridicule them, try to undermine them, or even attack them with more than words. Is that a better call?

Most of us know it would not be. We know when we are doing less than we ought to do, yet many still choose the lesser way.

Again, it is a choice. Do we answer the call of good, or the call of evil?

In either instance, Eternity depends upon the answer we choose.


Keep us, O God, from all pettiness
Let us be large in thought, in word and in deed.
Let us be done with faultfinding and leave off self-seeking.
May we put away all pretenses and meet each other
Face to face, without self-pity and without prejudice.
May we never be hasty in judgment, and always be generous.
Let us always take time for all things, and make us grow calm, serene and gentle.
Teach us to put into action our better impulses, to be straightforward and unafraid.
Grant that we may realize that it is the little things of life that create differences,
That in the big things of life, we are one.
And, O Lord God, let us not forget to be kind.

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