Thank you, America!!

Posted: November 22, 2016 in World On The Edge


The American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, are not just stories somebody made up. Real people fought, thought, and brought freedom and greatness to America. Some tried to hide that fact, but could not–the DEPLORABLES would not let it be hidden.

The Truth was remembered by over sixty million, hard-working, and overlooked Americans when they voted in this month’s election. Those Americans voted against the dusty, self-aggrandizement of political correctness and for the real, shining, and noble story of our country.

This is something to be very thankful for; it could have gone the other way. And if it had, we would be looking at a future that not only threatens religious liberty, but the lives of many more than the 59,558,417.3 already aborted children, would be in jeopardy.

We would have been looking at the continuance of ignoring of our US Constitution, the loss of our jobs to other  countries, and much, much more that would  eventually destroy the America created by the Founders.

I think many people forget that our laws, which have worked for more than two centuries, are based on spiritual truth; each of us are created by God. We are not happenstance. We did not make ourselves.

Each of us has dignity, and a purpose on earth, and our purpose goes hand-in-hand  with loving each other.

We could have lost. We Deplorables might have been the losers. But I would hope that if we had lost, we would not have taken the elementary school attitude of vindictiveness and even violence against those who won.

Many of us had to suck up the last eight years. Many of us actually prayed for our Democratic leaders–okay we prayed that they would see the light–but we prayed nonetheless.  And a prayerful attitude is what we need today, from both sides. We do not need division–brother and sister, against brother and sister.

The childish, playground attitudes we are seeing are the attitudes of bullies who did not get their way. On this American holiday of Thanks giving, I believe those who lost should recall this paraphrasing of their own words–Go High, Not Low.

Let us ALL pray for America, remembering WHY she was established in the first place.

Two videos follow. The first explains the spiritual and moral principles which alone give dignity to man and upon which our country is founded.

The second is from 1941, an example of Hollywood’s “former esteem” for our country.

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