A War on Morality?????

Posted: October 30, 2016 in World On The Edge



A couple of years ago, my husband and I were in Destin, Florida over Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. We went to Mass at the Catholic church closest to where we were staying and met a very interesting priest. Nearly twenty years ago, many of his congregation left his church for other churches in the area, saying that they were tired of listening to his preaching of politics.

The priest told about the exodus of those parishioners in a Sunday homily. He said he’d never preached politics, never talked about a candidate or a political party–not even once during his time as pastor. But what he had preached was morality. And that was so true.

The blurring between morality and politics has been going on for decades. One of the first blurrings came to fro with the Roe v Wade decision in the 1970’s and rapidly germinated in the political platform of the Democratic party. Ever since, abortion has been a political flag for them, bringing along in the passing years a growing despise of religious freedom, including the sanctity of marriage. But during these years, pastors and priests did not speak up. To speak up would have sounded “intolerant,” according to budding and growing political correctness that sought to stifle priests and pastors–and succeeded in doing that.

Now, I ask you to consider how morality has been made to seem “Intolerant” because politicians can USE it for their own gains.

Morality is part of worshipping God, and if fact, required by God. Therefore, according to the present Democrat Party, worshipping God must be gotten rid of. After all, without the stops of believing in a higher authority, if people are told they can do anything they want, many people will do just that. And, of course,  vote Democrat.

Except—Morality is concerned with the distinction between right and wrong, or good and bad behavior. And that has to do with the human soul.

So, the Democrat Party has made War on Morality, and war on the soul of America.

I ask you:

Is it Politics or morality to preach against abortion?

Is it politics, or morality, to preach against sex outside of marriage?

Is it politics, or morality, to preach that marriage is created by God as a sacrament between a man and a woman?

Is it politics, or morality, to preach that drugs harm not only the physical body, but the human soul?

Is it politics, or morality, to preach that lying–especially under oath–is a sin?

You may be able to bring up other similar examples that are referred to as political, but are actually moral questions.

Do you see an underlying–and current–problem here? Topics that have long been considered part of morality are, today, suddenly political questions where the answers are wishy-washy enough to be voted on as morally correct behavior. And worse— it is politically correct to adhere to them, even when the opposite is true. This is evil made to look like good. And it is abhorrent!

What is the next step? A complete elimination of Truth itself?

We have a chance in this election to right the wrong. We can vote for strong leadership with Donald Trump. Or we can vote for more lies, more cover-ups, more dishonest dealings, political correctness, federal investigations, and foolery by Hillary Clinton and her Democrats, who have already given us a broken country.

Personally, I see a win coming for Donald Trump. And for that, I say THANK GOD, and HALLELUJAH!

Let’s bring back strong leadership and TRUTH to a broken America.

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