DONE With Playing Nice??

Posted: October 14, 2016 in World On The Edge

doneI grew up in south Alabama at a time when children could literally play all day, anywhere in their neighborhood, without worry. The only warning I heard from my Catholic mother upon leaving the house was,”Play nice, now.” And so I tried to.

I tried not to lie, not to ridicule others, or bully anyone. And for the most part, other children did the same. If any of them did lie, ridicule, or bully, they were made to say they were sorry for their bad manners.

As an adult, “Play nice,” still resounds in my head when I make many of my decisions.

But not this time!

Not when my Catholic faith is put on the chopping block in the leaked emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Not when Christians are called deplorable and unredeemable.

Not when Catholics are designated as an “amazing bastardization of the faith.”

Not when the Clinton campaign asserts that conservatives “must be attracted” to Catholicism for its “severely backwards gender relations.”

Not when Lie to protect your power seems to be a new commandment for Hillary Clinton who apparently sees nothing wrong with it.

Not when the word, “Constitution,” is left out altogether when asked what type of Supreme Court justice she would nominate.

Not when Hillary Clinton supports abortion on demand, even to the moment of crowning–partial birth abortion–when a baby is ready to take it’s first breath!

When did Hillary Clinton and her campaign become God??

Christians Take the Gloves OFF!!
Take no more manipulation through Political Correctness!
No more swallowing lies and cover-ups!

No more “Playing Nice.”

Absolutely, one hundred percent–DONE.


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