Who are the Good People???

Posted: September 12, 2016 in World On The Edge




They are the unselfish—-until they are selfish.

They are the humble—until they are haughty.

They are the forgiving–until they condemn.

They are the merciful–until they are hard-hearted.

They are the tireless–until they are slothful.

They are the protectors–until they are abusing.

They are the generous–until they are greedy.

They are the safe keepers–until they are thieves.

They are the life bearers–until they kill.

The key here, is knowing that to be selfish, haughty, condemning, hard-hearted, slothful, abusing, greedy, a thief, or a killer, is contrary to God’s intention for each of us. And His intention for us is that we become saints.

Don’t forget that even the saints were once sinners, like us. So, becoming a saint, is certainly not out of the question for any of us.

We are all called to be great saints. Don’t miss the opportunity.–Mother Angelica

How do we seize the opportunity? By individually using the free will God gave us, to change what we know has gone awry in our life. And by remembering that the only person who can change you and I for the better–is you and I.

Jesus is giving you such an opportunity to be holy, holier than all the saints that have ever been, because the world is in such need of shining lives, beacons to see by.–Mother Angelica


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