What Does He See in Us???

Posted: September 6, 2016 in World On The Edge

Photo by dylanbonnerxti, 2008, MorgeFile.com

Photo by dylanbonnerxti, 2008, MorgueFile.com

We all have people in our lives who’ve put us down, made us feel bad about ourselves, even made us feel worthless.

And we also have people in our lives who do exactly the opposite, build us up, make us feel we are worth a lot, make us feel loved.

No one loves us more than God loves us. He is madly in love with us, and we should never forget that.

God never bullies us though. He never makes us His puppet. He does not make us love Him back. We choose to do that, or not.

But always, in the eyes of God, we are His children. His beloved.

When we are maligned by others, God is there to comfort us.

When we are hurt by others, physically or mentally, we can turn to God, not only for solace, but for instruction through His word.

When we put ourselves on the wrong path, and hurt other people, we can be certain that if we ask Him, he will forgive us–and expect us to do something about our behavior.

Comfort, loving instruction, forgiveness and mercy. How can we NOT run to Him?

Aren’t these the qualities we’d like to see in the earthly eyes of those who love us?

And aren’t they the same qualities the ones who love us would like to see in our eyes, too?

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