Fooling Yourself???

Posted: August 30, 2016 in World On The Edge

truthI don’t know many people who would say they want someone to lie to them. Yet today is a time of mass deception by one political candidate.

And what are we doing about it? We say we want truth from our leaders, but we’re going for the reverse. We’re going for her lies.

We may cover it over and say that her lies are best for us. Well, we’re fooling ourselves. Lies are destructive.

We may even admit her lies are wrong, but we don’t want to hear the truth out of some self-serving motive. We even become defensive. We use her brand of political correctness to define what is true because–why? I want what I want, and in politics it’s okay??? And then we might even attack the messengers of what is actually true.

We are going down the road of ME with this political candidate, where truth is relative, because no one else is as important as she is. Why do we take this?

Hers is a Pontius Pilate deception. She uses clever words. She washes her hands, so she won’t be blamed, and she allows the real truth to be hung on a cross.

Sadly, some of us barely notice the hanging.

The general population seems more concerned with the newest electronic device, or the latest reality show. Don’t we care about the ethics, morality, and honesty of our political leaders? Don’t we care if they lie?

Many must not care, because they react to her lies like G.K Chesterton says, as dead fish floating with the current.

All sorts of clever ‘talking tools’ are used and passed by a silver tongue to make her misspeak to seem correct.

BUT–no matter what she does to put a mask on it, the real Truth is still there.

Truth is the light that truly leads.

And if no attention is paid to it, Truth will be the light that follows–until it grabs the necessary attention of all of us.

Let’s fix this, and fix it now!
Let’s follow the real light of TRUTH, and let it guide us home to the America we love and respect and are proud of.

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