Will You Be There???

Posted: July 13, 2016 in World On The Edge

By Taliespin, MorgueFile.com

By Taliespin, MorgueFile.com

In each of our lives, there are a few people we can count on. For some of us, it’s our spouse, or children. For others, it’s a good friend.

What is it that causes us to set those people apart from others?

Isn’t it that we are certain they have our best interests at heart? That at a given time, they put us ahead of their own self-interests?

Some people are users; they like us because they need something from us. Mostly, we’re able to see that, but sometimes, not. Sometimes, we’re fooled—and often disappointed. These are people who will “tickle our ears” with what they think we want to hear; but they are not people who will stand by us, come thick or thin. Let the first wind come–a wind that requires them to step forward and actually stand up for us–and they are nowhere to be seen.

Now, turn it around. Do we hang around some people only because we need/want something from them?

Who we are as human beings, our character, is expressed in action. Loving someone is action. Not words.

Who will you always be there for?

Who will always be there for you?

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