Why Are YOU Still Unbroken????

Posted: May 2, 2016 in World On The Edge

Photo by Irish Eyes, 2007, MorgueFile.com

Photo by Irish Eyes, 2007, MorgueFile.com

It is a fact that our lives as human beings sometimes become broken.

But how do some people remain unbroken even when awful things happen to them?

What is it that keeps a person going–when he/she’s gone under financially, or been diagnosed with a sickness that saps all strength, or when a child is lost, or when they’ve been betrayed by someone they love, or even when they, themselves, have made egregious, personal errors?

Is it our physical or sensual strength?

Animals have also been given strength, and the ability to see, make sounds, feel, taste, and hear. But animals cannot make a conscious, mental decision by way of free will, memory, or imagination.

Animals have not been given access to immateriality—things that are not achieved only by the senses. Animals cannot solve a mathematical problem, create music or art, run a business, decide to forgive or not to forgive, or make any life-changing, moral decision, because an Animal cannot decide what is good and what is evil.

Nothing in the physical world outside of us will keep a human being from breaking in difficult situations.  It’s the spiritual world within us that will give us the strength to endure and overcome.  And every human being has access to it. In fact without it, we would not be human.

Remaining unbroken is possible because human beings are made in God’s likeness.

If a child is brought up knowing that he or she is a child of God, possesses His divinity, and actually participates in it, then the child is less likely to succumb to brokenness and suffering in his adult life.

The human person participates in the light and power of the divine Spirit. By his reason, he is capable of understanding the order of things established by the Creator.

By free will, he is capable of directing himself toward his true good. He finds his perfection “in seeking and loving what is true and good.”

By virtue of his soul and his spiritual powers of intellect and will, man is endowed with freedom, an “outstanding” manifestation of the divine image.

By his reason, man recognizes the voice of God which urges him “to do what is good and avoid what is evil. –Catechism of the Catholic Church

We can’t expect other people to take away our brokenness. We can look only to ourselves, to the spirit of God who lives within us.

  1. Jeannie says:

    You are a kindred spirit, Kaye! Thanks for writing this. I would love to have you write something like this for my blog someday.


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