Am I Fine–Tuning My Life??

Posted: April 25, 2016 in World On The Edge

By DuBois, 2011,

By DuBois, 2011,

Fine-tuning means to adjust precisely so as to bring to the highest level of performance or effectiveness, such as to fine-tune a TV set, or to fine-tune the format for a meeting.

Fine-tuning is the fixing of a problem.

Shouldn’t we fine-tune our life on Earth, too?

We only have one life. And it will not last forever. Shouldn’t we try to create the highest level of performance for ourselves in the time that we have?

In order to do this, we need a criteria for a high level of performance. So what/whose criteria do we use to see if we’re on the right track?

Well, our criteria MUST be a valid one. It must be TRUTH.

Some people say that everything is true depending on the situation.  Well, pardon me but that just isn’t…. true.

Some things are based on relative truths because they are determined by the likes of individuals–I like turnip greens; you do not.  Except a relative truth can change; tomorrow you may develop a like for turnip greens.

So relative truths cannot be the criteria for fine-tuning our lives. The criteria we need to do that must be absolutely true. These are truths that do not change according to our likes.  Two plus two equals four. The equation is always true. Two plus two can never equal five.

In an ordered world, which ours was created to be, we need absolute truth to keep it ordered.

Order in the universe is proclaimed every time the revolution of the earth about its axis causes the phenomena of day and night. Order is manifested by the earth’s travels in its annual circuit around the sun, with that journey causing seasons of summer autumn winter spring, and those seasons causing the accompanying phenomena of growth, decline, decay , and regeneration. The miracle of photosynthesis, the insect world, and the animal world, with each specimen instinctively knowing what it particularly takes to survive; all amazingly ordered. And all truth.

Then there are men and women.

The development of an embryo, and before that, the organs of reproduction in male and female, are created perfectly, one for the other. And nothing is more orderly than an individual cell, or an organ such as the heart, or the eyes and ears that record sight and sound?

But men and women, are ordered with an additional, absolute Truth.

Each one of us meant for the absolute truth of all that makes us Human. What makes us human?—Our spiritual side. Our empathy toward others, our mercy, our ability to love. But we also have free will to choose none of that. We can personally disorder our own life by choosing the opposite; a lack of empathy, no mercy, and hatred rather than love.

The good thing is we also have the capability to turn all that around. We can stop, look, and listen.

We can fine-tune ourselves by considering again–the absolute truth of God.

And through him—

We can be fixed.

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