Love Without Words

Posted: February 11, 2016 in World On The Edge

Photo by GaborfromHungary, 2015,

Photo by GaborfromHungary, 2015,

Does love need words, or does it speak to our souls like music?

Think of resting in the arms of love? Peaceful? Yes!!!

If you’re in love with someone, and he or she is in love with you—are words always necessary? I think not. We can simply sit, or walk with, or just be in the presence of someone we love and not say a word–yet we know and feel their love, just as they know and feel ours. And without any audible word from them–don’t we often know what they’d like us to do?

Another example: The parents of an infant know what their child wants and needs without words. They just know. And then they provide whatever it is for the child they love.

So many times, silence is the language of love. And who loves us more that our God? So let’s be quiet and listen like a baby, so God can speak to our hearts.

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