Asleep at the Wheel???

Posted: November 17, 2015 in World On The Edge

Today is a time of mass deception. And what do we do? We ride along in the breeze of all that deception because we are asleep at the wheel.

We are asleep to truth.

If we don’t want to hear the truth about ourselves or our actions, we become defensive. We ask “What is truth?”  We come to the conclusion that truth is what I say it is because “I think for myself.”

And then we attack the messenger. We go down the road of ME, where truth is relative, where no one else is as important as I am, and no one else’s needs are as vital as my own. And we tell the messenger of truth that he is wrong.

But we’re deceiving ourselves.

We deceive ourselves as Pontius Pilate did. We use clever words. We wash our hands, so we won’t be blamed, and we allow truth to be hung on a cross.

Sadly, we barely notice the hanging.

The general population seems more concerned with the newest electronic device, or the latest reality show, while the ethics, morality, and honesty of our leaders are in decay. And we react to that decay like G.K Chesterton’s analogy of dead fish floating with the current.

Even if we do notice, it’s never our fault, is it? We may be first to point a finger, but often, we’re the last to lift a hand.

We use all sorts of clever ‘talking tools;’ silver tongues to make our way seem correct. And some of us—-especially in politics and the entertainment industry–have the shiniest of silver tongues.

But Truth is still there, whether we’re asleep at the wheel, or not.

Absolute truth cannot be changed by us or anyone else who tries. Shouldn’t we make an attempt to discover it, and then be changed by it?

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