Are you a Hero??

Posted: November 13, 2015 in World On The Edge


With 24 hour news showing us cheater after cheater, murder after murder, greed after greed, we may wonder if there are any heroes left.

Well, there are. And you may be one of them.

Are you a hardworking father, loyal to his wife and children?
Then you are a hero.

Are you a mother who may work two jobs–caring for her children and providing for them financially as best as you can?  Then you are a hero.

Are you someone who is a caretaker for those in need?
Then you are a hero.

Are you a person who rather than lying for his/her own gain, rises with courage to speak the truth?
Then you are a hero.

Despite what the headlines tell us, our world is full of heroes. Yes, it is an often violent, selfish, and dangerous world, but these are exactly the things that can MAKE a hero. Heroes rise from dire situations.

Heroes are those who courageously rise from struggle and change those around them for the better. And we can all do that!

Photo  above in Public Domain

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