In the Arms of LOVE???

Posted: November 3, 2015 in World On The Edge

file0001960731775The definition of a work of art is something that is considered to have aesthetic value, something that is beautiful, intriguing, interesting, creative or extremely well done.

Love is a work of art. Not a piece stuck on a shelf though, an inter-active work of art–like dancing. Love is a dance.

So how is the dance begun?

Love, as a dance, requires a partner of course. It requires a desire to be in the partner’s arms. It requires a certain timing. It requires a creative rhythm And above all, Love as a dance, requires the aesthetic of gracefulness.

What is necessary for the grace performed in a dance of love?

Grace, in the dance, first necessitates watching a teacher, or a role-model, how he or she moves. Try to copy that.

And of course, be skillful. Know the steps of the dance well, so you’ll be able to concentrate more on being grace-filled.

To be grace-filled, a dancer must be aware of the rhythm of his or her own heart, as well as the heart of his partner.

Grace, in the dance, necessitates practice–every day.

A dancer must allow for mistakes. He or she must forgive stepping on toes. Changing moods. Exhaustion. Even tears.

He/she should validate a partner’s significance.

Together, each partner should encourage the other to reach for perfection with a continuous supply of passionate praise.

And then? Turn on the music.

Take the floor.

Enjoy the dance in each other’s arms.

Enjoy Love .

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