Does Order in the Universe Prove God Exists???

Posted: July 31, 2015 in World On The Edge

Photo by Carmemlucia, 2005, Photo by Carmemlucia, 2005,[/caption]

Order discovered is not merely a sign that there is an intellect in the one who has made the discovery; it is a sign that there is an intellect in the one who has made the ordered being.—Fr. Arnold Benedetto, S.J., “ Fundamentals in the Philosophy of God.”

Order in the universe is proclaimed every time the revolution of the earth about its axis causes the phenomena of day and night. Order is manifested by the earth’s travels in its annual circuit around the sun, with that journey causing seasons of summer autumn winter spring, that causing the accompanying phenomena of growth, decline, decay , and regeneration. The miracle of photosynthesis, the insect world, and the animal world, with each specimen instinctively knowing what it particularly takes to survive; all amazingly ordered. And finally, man.

Think of the development of an embryo, and before that, the organs of reproduction in male and female, created perfectly, one for the other. And how about the human body? What could be more orderly than an individual cell, or an organ such as the heart, or the eyes and ears that record sight and sound?

It is a fact that human beings can detect this order through human intelligence, and marvel at the magnitude of it.  How can it not prove the existence of God?

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