The Best Things??

Posted: June 15, 2015 in World On The Edge

By Alexander41, 2014,

By Alexander41, 2014,

What are the best things in your life–the ones you’re most grateful for?

I’d be willing to bet they’re not “things” at all, but people.

Oh yes, “people” sometimes drive us crazy, hurt us, make lots more work, more stress, insolent remarks, dirty socks, dirty dishes, and confusion in general.

But we know the other side of the coin, too–“people” who are always there for us, who take our side, who run errands when we can’t, who feed us when we’re sick, who wipe our tears and hold our hands when we need the warmth of another human being. People who listen. People who love us.

I cannot imagine living without those people in my life–precious people like my husband, children, grandchildren, sister, cousins, and friends; all those who love me and allow me to love them.

But most important, I’m thankful that God loves us all–even when we are at our worst.

So, to all you who read my books. Thank you. And for those who read this blog. Thank you. Because of your support, I look forward to writing it five days a week.

However, I will be taking a little ‘blog-break’ for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have nearly three years of archives for TRANSLATING A WORLD ON THE EDGE, if you’re interested in looking through them.

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