Can We Stop Time???

Posted: May 7, 2015 in World On The Edge

By impure_with_memory, 2015,

By impure_with_memory, 2015,

When people say, “You can’t stop a river from flowing to the sea,” they are usually talking about a force beyond their control–Time.

One definition of Time: A measure in which events are ordered. All of us experience this measuring because we all have a past, we live in the present, and will continue to our future. The certainty of time is that we will grow older, our children will grow older, along with our houses, cars, clothes, the food we buy.

Time is also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them, such as a day at work or school, a football game, a movie or a play. Sometimes we experience moments when we would like to stop time, especially if our team is winning and we don’t want the other to get ahead.

But only when we die does the time of our life on earth stop. The one certainty in human life is that one day it will end. Except some of us live recklessly, as if it won’t.

By recklessly, I mean we haven’t taken the time to think about why we are here in this span of time, or why we are here at all. In other words, what is our purpose?

The purpose of everything created is decided on by the one who created it. God created us.
He created us to be alive NOW, and at no other time. And He definitely created us with a purpose in mind.

We are set in this particular span of time to work toward that purpose, which is to love and serve others, because when we do, we are loving and serving God.

Today we live in such a needy world. There is so much we can do to serve those who need us! So, let’s make our time here valuable.

  1. Jeannie says:

    Kaye, you must enjoy music as much as our family does. I really appreciate your musical references to the written word. At times I wish I could stop time, but you are right – what we have is now, and my peace is always shaken when I live anywhere but here, now.


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