A Heart on Fire

Posted: March 18, 2015 in World On The Edge


My husband and I met Father James Kubicki, S.J., National Director of the Apostleship of Prayer, when I spoke at the Saint Louis Marian Conference in January. His table was just next to mine. He is such an enjoyable man, with a wonderful smile, who takes his love of God seriously.

The goal of the Apostleship of Prayer is to help every individual grow in his or her spiritual life by offering resources to foster a closer and heart-centered relationship with Jesus. The organization joins with millions of people around the world who are praying for one another and for the Pope’s monthly intentions.

Father Kubicki is also a great communicator, as evidenced by the talks we heard him give at the Saint Louis Marian Conference, and he’s also a writer. My husband, George, and I have just finished one of his books, “A Heart on Fire,” which we both think is marvelous. Just click on the cover to check it out for yourself. George was so enthusiastic about the book that I asked him to review it here. So the following words are his!

“I enjoyed reading Fr Kubicki’s book A HEART ON FIRE and as the book’s cover mentions, “Rediscovering Devotion.” The book is certainly a vivid reminder of my youth days in Catholic Grade School and frequent special observances in our Parish.

As it was for many Catholic children in those days, the Morning Offering was almost automatic upon hitting the floor. And certainly, if you wanted breakfast in our house, it was a requirement.

It seemed we were more of a “Litany” church, then, with a variety of choices, but the Litany of the Sacred Heart really stands out. Father Kubicki’s research and knowledge of this devotion to the Sacred Heart has made me realize its continuing importance, spurring me to be more observant in its practice.

His step by step approach to reading sacred scripture and analyzing the works of our early church leaders, reinforces this wonderful devotion. In the later chapters, I was especially impressed with a discussion of the issue that has caused some concern to Catholics, relative to the Divine Mercy and the devotions revealed to Sister Faustina. Father Kubicki definitively shows in his book, that the two devotions, though different, are truly inseparable.

Throughout, the book is, of course, strong support of the Apostleship Of Prayer. Father Kubicki provides the reader not only a good “quick” read, but a valuable source document to refer to again and again. I heartily recommend it.”

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