Don’t Fall for the Lie. Your Life is, and Always was, Valuable!

Posted: March 3, 2015 in World On The Edge

domestic violenceChildren are vulnerable to mistreatment. Amazingly, often the mistreatment is from their own parents. Of course, children don’t stay children, they grow into adults carrying the mistreatment with them. Sometimes, they grow into adults with no self-worth, or angry thoughts that they set into action by hurting someone else. Violence and mistreatment in childhood has a lifetime legacy. What is the solution to this?

There will always be parents who abuse their children in one way or another. And in doing so, they are abusing society as well, because how can we expect a little child to have knowledge that they are loved if they never see or feel that love? If a child is shouted at, told he’s stupid, or ugly, or worth nothing then isn’t that how he/she will see herself as an adult–unless someone changes his or her impression. And where would a change like that come from in such a threatening environment?

Children deal with stress the same way it’s dealt with in their families, and too many times that way is violence–between husband and wife, and parents to child. But there are some who can step in and change this: Exposure to friends and their ‘normal’ families, teachers, counselors, and churches who support a mistreated child.

Of course, the fact that some children are born to good parents, and others to awful ones, is not fair. Our world is not fair because it is a world of human beings–fallible human beings. The only true fairness comes from God–the reason why churches must reach out to these little ones.

This first video is a MUST watch. It’s a bit long, so if you can’t watch it now, save it for later.
The second video that follows has lots to say through music.

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